New additions and updates for March
Acts of Conscience (activist website)
We Will Replace You (activist website)

5 Calls – Provides phone numbers for local representatives and scripts to talk about issues.
Acts of Conscience – Helps connect people to actions they can take with filters for issues, type of action, date, location, cost, etc.
Daily Action – Sends one text each workday about an important issue. It provides a brief recording on the issue and connects you to a relevant elected official.
Flippable – Information on state races including which are important, who is running, and how you can help.
Grab Your Wallet – Regularly updated list of retailers that do business with the Trump family and a list of “Trump free” alternatives.
Indivisible – A practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda including a list of local affiliated groups.
It Starts Today – Collects and distributes donations evenly to all Democratic candidates in the 2018 Congressional general election.
Knock Every Door – A nationwide, door-to-door canvasing project to organize against Trump and the Republican agenda.
Movement 2017 – A vetted list of mainly local and some national organizations for donors looking to contribute to progressive causes.
Movement Match – Connects people with existing activist organizations.
Resistance Manual – An open source website to compile information and resources to resist the Trump agenda.
RISE Stronger – Watchdog organization of former government officials and policy experts in conjunction with local activist groups to develop new initiatives and ideas in response to the Trump administration.
Run for Something – Recruits and supports young progressives running for down-ballot offices.
Swing Left – Helps people find “swing districts” so they can support progressive candidates in the 2018 House of Representatives elections.
Together List – Provides a list of agencies, nonprofits, and links so people can donate money or volunteer their time.
Townhall Project – Facebook-based project that collects information on public events by all members of Congress to help constituents to meet face-to-face with representatives.
Wall-of-Us – Provides four concrete acts of resistance each week.
Weekly Actions to Resist Trump – Each week it provides a new action and phone scripts on a range of issues so you can call your representatives.
We Will Replace You – Dedicated to replacing Democrats in Congress who enable and collaborate with Trump.
White House Inc. – Connects you randomly to one of Trump’s properties so you can discuss the issues you think are important.
Women’s March – Information about collective actions coordinated by organizers of the Women’s March on Washington.

Boycott Trump – iTunes app that searches a database of companies and people to see if they are connected to Trump.
Countable – iTunes app provides a list of your representatives and how they voted on important issues.

A simple guide to how you can throw sand in the Trump administration’s gears – You can resist from the comfort of your own desk.

INFORMATION WEBSITES – highlights alleged corruption by Trump including conflicts of interest and ethical questions.
Trump Archive – The Trump Archive collects TV news shows containing debates, speeches, rallies, and other broadcasts related to President-elect Donald Trump.
Trumpgrets – tweets from people who are having regrets about voting for Trump.
Trump’s Twitter page – tweets by Trump.
What the Fuck Just Happened Today? – Synopses of Trump related news and links for each day.

People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List – All of Trump’s insults on Twitter from June 2015 through the present.