New Quotes

Below are new quotes and updates added to the archive since the beginning of March (so you can see recently added quotes without digging through the archive). Click on the quotes to go to the relevant page. Back to the Trump Files homepage.

Note that the archive was originally posted on 2/27/17 with many quotes already in place.
Anthony Scaramucci (8/4/17)
Boy Scout Speech “Greatest” Ever (8/4/17)
Mika Brzezinski (7/2/17)
Killing Innocent People (6/19/17)
“Tapes” of Conversations with Comey (added 6/19/17)
Mayor of London’s Statement after Attack (6/19/17)
Divorce (5/22/17)
“Priming the Pump” (5/11/17)
Thought Being President Would Be Easier (4/28/17)
Would Still Beat Clinton in Popular Vote (4/26/17)
First 100 Days is a Ridiculous Standard (4/22/17)
Realizes Diplomacy Is Not So Easy (4/21/17)
Healthcare Complicated (4/21/17)
China – Will be Labeled a Currency Manipulator (4/13/17)
Relationship with Steve Bannon (4/13/17)
Bannon – Did Not Know Steve Bannon (4/13/17)
Attacking Syria (added 4/11/17)
Health Insurance – Immediately Repeal and Replace Obamacare (3/31/17)
Flynn Should Ask for Immunity (3/31/17)
What Others Said – Jeb Bush (3/27/17)
What Others Said – Ben Carson (3/27/17)
What Others Said – Chris Christie (3/27/17)
What Others Said – Ted Cruz (3/27/17)
What Others Said – Carly Fiorina (3/27/17)
What Others Said – Lindsay Graham (3/27/17)
What Others Said – Bobby Jindal (3/27/17)
What Others Said – John Kasich (3/27/17)
What Others Said – George Pataki (3/27/17)
What Others Said – Marco Rubio (3/27/17)
Cruz – Will Not Accept His Endorsement (3/27/17)
Repeal Obamacare (3/25/17)
Obama had Phone Tapped in Trump Tower (3/22/17)
Release Tax Returns (3/15/17)
Media is the Enemy of the People (3/13/17)
Muslims – Wasn’t allowed to have anything to say (3/13/17)
Made a Lot of Sacrifices (3/13/17)
Promises page reformatted (3/8/17)
Russia page created (3/7/17)
Fiat Chrysler to Invest $1 Billion in MI and OH (3/5/17)
Ford to Invest $700 Million in Michigan (3/5/17)
Amanda Barker (3/3/2017)
Brad Griffin (3/3/17)
Thomas Robb (3/3/17)
Obscene Talk (3/3/17)
All Have Sinned (3/3/17)
Blessed are the Peacemakers (3/3/17)
Blessed are the Meek (3/3/17)
Great Respect for Women (3/3/17)
Guard Against All Covetousness (3/3/17)
Repent (3/3/17)
Tax Returns will be Released (3/1/17)
Made in America China, Taiwan, Vietnam… (3/1/17)
Blames Generals for Ryan Owen’s Death (3/1/17)