Why There Should be No Politics as Usual


Recently, I overheard a middle-aged man patiently, if not patronizingly, explain to an older woman why he supported Trump. The man said “I don’t agree with Trump about everything, but I think he’ll do well. He’s a good man.” What?!? Trump is a good man?

Trump may be a good businessman; he may be a good negotiator; he may be a good self-promoter; he may even be a good president by some conservative or alt-right metric. Trump, however, is not a good man by any reasonable definition of the term.

Trump is a serial liar, immature bully, and extreme narcissist. He is an opportunistic bigot and racist who is loved by white supremacists. Moreover, Trump is both a shameless misogynist and sexual predator. He is a manipulator who flip-flops on issues when it is useful or convenient. Trump is also a hypocrite. He courts the Christian right while at the same time makes a mockery of Christian values. He wraps himself in the American flag, but shows no respect for members of the military who protect it. Trump is an amoral demagogue who leaves a wake of controversy and scandal behind him. Even Republicans know the truth about Trump, but many still cynically fall in line behind him in the pursuit of power.

The depth and breadth of Trump’s character flaws are staggering. They are so overwhelming that there is a danger people will become desensitized to his behavior and fall back into politics as usual. By politics as usual, I mean acting like things are back to normal and thinking that politics is being played the same way as before and for the same stakes. Trump, however, plays by his own rules and the stakes have never been higher. The opposition has to adapt and play the game of politics differently or it will get outmaneuvered. It does not have to go down the road of moral bankruptcy like Trump and his Republican enablers. It does, however, need to begin resisting in earnest.

No Politics as Usual was created in part to remind people of who and what Donald Trump is, so his behavior is not normalized and we do not go back to politics as usual. Trump needs to be opposed now. There should not be a honeymoon or grace period because he just took office. He’s had since June 16, 2015 to prove his character and has failed miserably. Trump is not a good person. I have put together the Trump Files in case anyone forgets or becomes complaisant about how bad of a person Trump really is.

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